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Travel  640000 - 640200
Travel of Employess includes all expenses for lodging, meals, use of personal vehicles, leased vehicles, or other costs incurred by employees in job-related activities. Affiliates and visitors that are not active in the Payroll database should be considered official guests/visitors (727110) for the purpose of reimbursing travel expenses. Rentals paid to DOAS for motor pool vehicles would also be included here and charged to the expense account of the individual who checked out the vehicle. Operating costs of institution-owned vehicles should be classified to correct cost accounts.

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Travel Of Employees - US


Travel Of Employees - International


Unallowed A-21 Costs/640000


Employee Travel Between State Agencies


Domestic Travel Charged by GTRI to Other Budgetary Units

Travel paid to faculty and staff of other University System of Georgia schools


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