1.9.2 Processing Undergraduate Training Program Grants


Definition: A scholarship or fellowship represents funds disbursed to a Georgia Tech student to be used exclusively for Educational Expenses. Educational Expenses could include tuition and fees, books, housing, and other school related items. This definition includes fellowships (sometimes referred to as stipends in award documents) received by Georgia Tech students as part of research or instructional training programs. Participation in these training programs may occur during the regular academic terms or between academic terms, including the summer term. Students do not necessarily need to be enrolled at Georgia Tech to participate and receive sponsored program fellowships.

Sponsored program payments to students for Research Training Grants (like REU Programs and SURF) where the activities performed are designed to train students in the performance of research projects are to be covered by these procedures. This activity is not work and the Institute would not employ individuals to perform these activities.

Awards to Georgia Tech Students

Scholarship/Fellowship awards to Georgia Tech undergraduate students (enrolled or not) are to be processed through the Accounting Services Department, the Financial Aid System, and then applied to the student’s account in the Bursar’s Office. These payments are to be charged to Account Code 781000 – Sch GT Students. Awards made in excess of any balance on the student’s account will be paid to the student by check or direct deposit.

Awards to Non Georgia Tech Students

Undergraduate Research/Instructional Training Program awards to Non Georgia Tech students are to be processed through the Accounting Services Department and then forwarded to the Accounts Payable Department for direct payment to the student. These payments are to be charged to scholarship project starting with 997xxxxxx and Account Code 781400 Sch-Undergraduate Research/Training Stipend Non GT Students. A check request (prepared according to the instructions presented below) should be submitted with each request for payment.

Check Request form Instructions and Routing

On the Check Request Form, please check the box labeled “ Non-GT Training Stipends, non-employee awards (Sponsored Funds Only)”. The department must also attach a completed vendor profile including the recipient’s social security number and tax residency. Payments to recipients classified as “non-resident aliens” must include a copy of the I-94 passport section that includes the visa classification and other documentation that may be required by the IRS and/or INS. Recipients must have a visa classification that permits payment of scholarship/fellowship payments. For additional information, please contact ap.ask@business.gatech.edu. Completed Check Request Forms with the necessary documents must first be forwarded to the Accounting Services Department for approval.

IRS Regulatory Requirements: No taxes are withheld from these payments to undergraduate students except in situations where the recipient has been classified as a “non-resident alien” and his/her home country has no current tax treaty with the United States. Each recipient is responsible for determining his/her own tax liability. For more information related to the responsibility of the student in determining his/her own tax liability, please visit the Office of Student Financial Planning and Services (OSFPS) “Tax Implications” website: http://www.finaid.gatech.edu/taxes/

Rev. 7/31/2005