1.8 GT Foundation Award Accounting


This procedure details the accounting for grants awarded to the Georgia Tech Foundation (GTF) and administered by the Institute.

General Guidelines/Applicable Policies

GTF and Financial Aid sponsored projects are managed by the Accounting Services Department. All other sponsored awards (including sub-projects) are managed by the Office of Grants and Contracts Accounting. GTF awards are handled in the same manner as other sponsored projects that are managed by the Office of Grants and Contracts Accounting (GCA) as described in the published Policies and Procedures referenced below.

3.01.0 General Information
3.02.0 Plan-Confirmation
3.03.0 Undesignated Sponsored Accounts
3.04.0 Unallowable Expenses
3.05.0 Unbillable Sponsored Projects
3.06.0 Cost Transfer Requests
o Cost Transfer Form (Excel document)
3.07.0 Write-off Requests
3.08.0 Project Set Up in Grants Master
3.11.0 Project Close-out in Grants Master
3.18.0 Establishing a Sub-Project Account
o Establishing/Revising a Sub-Project Budget Form
3.19.0 Sponsored Project Budget Revisions
o Budget Revision Input Form (Excel document)
o Budget Revision to Sponsored Project Form (Excel document)
o Budget Categories and Object Codes Form (Excel document)


All allowable expenditures relating to the grant will be processed through the Institute. Any expenditures determined to be unallowable by the Institute, but allowable to the grant, may be paid directly by the Foundation. Any such charges must be communicated to the Accounting Services Department where a memo entry will be made to the project accounting records in order to properly accumulate and report costs incurred.

Rev. 07/31/2005