People Soft General Ledger Reports

The need for many different types and varieties of General Ledger reports arose from the implementation of PeopleSoft GL in July 2000. Many reports were created exclusively for campus users such as the Expense Ledgers, Balance Sheet reports, and Scholarship/Fellowship reports. Other reports were designed solely for Business office use, and they include Budget Reports, Cash Receipt Reports and other account balancing reports.

To obtain access to these reports, you must attend a training course.

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Web Financial Reports

In January 2001, the Georgia Tech Administrative Service Center (GTASC) was created to provide a one-stop-shop for departmental business administrators to access the administration and finance web resources available at Georgia Tech. It was also determined that web versions of the PeopleSoft GL reports were needed for access by campus administrators via the GTASC website.

The PeopleSoft GL Campus Reports located on the GTASC website are not totally inclusive of all GL campus reports. They do, however, represent the most widely used reports on campus that could be formatted for web uses.

To obtain access to these reports, you must first attend the PeopleSoft GL training course, and once you have completed the course, you will automatically have access to the Web Financial Reports.

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General Ledger Adhoc Reporting Tool

During the planning stages for the GTASC website creation, a need to query non-standard transaction data from the general ledger was identified by the GTASC planning committee. Thus, a General Ledger Adhoc Reporting Tool was created and implemented in January 2001. This tool can be accessed via the GTASC web

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It allows administrators to query and retrieve transaction data originating from the Institute’s ledger. The data retrieved via the GL Adhoc Reporting Tool can be downloaded into a Microsoft Excel file, a Fixed Width Text File or in HTML format. This data is currently 24 hours old as it is extracted from the ledger nightly.

To obtain access to this reporting tool, you must first attend the PeopleSoft GL Reports training course and then attend a special GL Adhoc Reporting course.

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