Policies and Procedures


1.1 General Information
1.2 Account Number Structure
1.3 Agency Funds
  1.3.1 General Information
  1.3.2 Establishing an Agency Fund Account
  1.3.3 Closing an Agency Fund Account
  1.3.4 Agency Fund Rules and Regulations
1.4 Cash Receipts and Accounts Receivable
  1.4.1 Daily Cash Deposits
  1.4.2 Gift Deposits
  1.4.3 Check Cashing
  1.4.4 Cash Handling Procedures
1.5 Petty Cash
  1.5.1 Petty Cash General Guidelines
  1.5.2 Petty Cash Reimbursement Procedures
  1.5.3 Departmental Petty Cash Fund Procedures
  1.5.4 Departmental Petty Cash Fund Checking Accounting
1.6 Non-Student Accounts Receivable
1.7 Studies Abroad Program

Georgia Tech Foundation (GTF) Accounting

1.8.0 GT Foundation Award Acounting
1.8.1 GT Foundation Project Number Assignment

Financial Aid Accounting

1.9.0 Establishing Scholarship and Fellowship Projects
1.9.1 Processing Fellowship Payments
1.9.2 Processing Undergraduate Training Program Grants
1.10  Prize and Award Authorization / Project Assignment

Complete Business & Financial Policies/Procedures Manual

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